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Momai Tamuli Barbarua Award with Achievements of "Assam Horticultural Show-2009, Tezpur" from Jan 30 to Feb 3/2009

Assam Horticultural Show-2009 (15th State Level Horticultural Show) held at Nehru Maidan, Tezpur from Jan 30 to Feb 3/2009 was unique in the north bank of Assam and highly successful with (a) an full-fledged Exhibition of 60 Stalls of Nurseries, Bio-input producers,& Technology Stalls from NEDFI, National Bamboo Mission,Defence Research Laboratory, Farm Machinery Training Centre, Dr Gunaram Khanikar's Moving Lab of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Etc, (b) Competitions of Flowers, Vegetables & Horticultural products decorated aesthetically with more than 500 participants including MO


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