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Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd.

The Company, Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. was incorporated on the 23rd day of October, 2009 as a public limited company wholly owned by the Government of Assam. The ultimate object of the Company is to undertake the electricity distribution, trading, supply in the state of Assam or outside in accordance with provisions of Applicable Law and all activities ancillary or appurtenant thereto. The main purpose of forming the Company was to take over, manage and operate the electricity distribution system, assets, liabilities, undertaking of the Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB), as may be transferred to it pursuant to a notified transfer scheme in terms of Part XIII of the Electricity Act, 2003. Subsequently, the Government of Assam notified the provisional transfer scheme vide Gazette notification bearing no. PEL. 151/2003/Pt./165 dated 10th December, 2004 as well as the final transfer scheme vide Gazette Notification PEL.151/2003/Pt./349 dated Dispur, the 16th August, 2005 under the Electricity Act, 2003 transferring the various assets, liabilities etc. of the ASEB to the Company. The main object of the company is to develop, maintain and operate power distribution system in the state of Assam.


Contact Details of GEC1: 

Name of the

Sub-division headed by 
Manager/Deputy Manager

Land Line Number

Mobile Number


 Mr. Amulya Mahanta


(O) 99541 92035
(P) 98641 34171


 Mr. Thanuram Saikia

 0361-2734821 (0)

(O) 99541 92038
(P) 98641 59348


 Mr. Akon Sarma


(O) 99541 92032
(P) 94350 27515

 Zoo Road

 Mr.Santanu Bora


(O) 99541 92041
(P) 99546 21343


 Mr. Putul Bhagawati


(O) 99541 92024
(P) 94350 12676


 Mr. Munindra Kr. Nath


(O) 99541 92021
(P) 97060 36976


 Mr. Madhujya Lahkar


(O) 99541 92028
(P) 98540 77797


 Mr. Moniruj Dewan


(O) 99541 92007
(P) 94351 07259


 Sri C Das


(O)99541 92006


 Mr. Rajpratim Das


(O) 99541 92012
(P) 99543 36684

 Fancy Bazar

 Mr. Lachit Ch. Das


(O) 99541 92008
(P) 94350 17220


 Mr. Prafulla Bora


(O) 99541 92009
(P) 94016 88838


 Mr. Robin Sarma


(O) 99541 92045
(P) 94351 85976

Contact Details of GEC2:

Name of the

Sub-division headed by 
Manager/Deputy Manager

Land Line Number

Mobile Number


 Sri M. Amchi

 Â 0361-2570571(0)



 Â Sri D. Das

 Â 0361-2680226 (0)



 Sri D. Choudhary




 Â Sri S Sengupta




 Sri N Deka




 Sri N. Malakar




 Sri D Kumbang




 Sri R Das