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The Settlements

Early settlement took place in the Guwahati plain along the river Brahmaputra and gradually extended upto the railway line and beyond in the south during the fifties and sixties resulting in new settlements like Sarania, Gandhibasti, Lachit Nagar, Santipur etc. During the same period, Maligaon and Jalukbari area were also developed to the west of the Guwahati plain through the Kamakhya corridor, due to establishment of N.E.F Railway Headquarters at Maligaon and the University at Jalukbari. During the seventies, due to shift of capital from Shillong, the city further expanded into the Beltola plain through the narrow corridor like Fatasil, 1.

Dispur and Noonmati, resulting in developments of settlements such as Khanapara, Basistha, Kahilipara, Kalapahar, Narengi etc. However, further expansion of the city beyond the Beltola plain in the east and south is restricted du( to 1114, existence of Khasi and Jaintia Hills ranges.