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Religious Tolerance

Guwahati is a city that is important to pilgrims of all faiths and religion. The land is dotted with numerous temples, mosques and monasteries that represent the religious tolerance of the people of Assam.

Pilgrimage is Assam is one of the most pacifying and leveling experiences one can ever have. Assam is home to many important and sacred shrines belonging to different religion. This has made Assam a sacred place for people of these faiths. It also shows the religious tolerance that the people of Assam have. The presence of many operating Buddhist Monasteries shows us that Assam is still an important Buddhist destination. Most of these holy sites are situated amidst some breathtaking scenic places giving the pilgrims a peak into the natural beauty of Assam along with the opportunity to worship the gods and ask for their blessings. The temples and mosques of Assam are probably the oldest and architecturally most stunning in entire north east India. Hindus, Muslims and Christians got a rare chance to celebrate festivals of their respective faiths together today. Hindu festival of colors, Holi Christian's Good Friday marking the crucification of Jesus Christ and the birth of Prophet Muhammed.