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Dispur - Assam's capital, the Seat of Power

Prior to the year 1973, the capital of Assam was at Shillong (now the capital of Meghalaya after being carved out of the erstwhile Assam). Dispur is the seat of Government of Assam. The Assam Secretariat building is located in Dispur along with the Assam Assembly House and the State Emergency Operations Centre. Both the G S Road and The Assam Trunk Road passes through Dispur. It is also in Dispur that the Tea Auction Market is located. The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) is one of the busiest tea trading facilities in the world. The world famous Assam Tea is the primary commodity auctioned here. The Centre is also known for auctioning the largest volume of CTC tea in the world! The ancient township of Jatia is located near Dispur.