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Battle of Saraighat

 The well-known Battle of Saraighat was fought near this place named Saraighat on the bank of Bramhaputra River. The Battle of Saraighat was fought in 1671 between the Mughal empire (led by the Kachwaha king, Raja Ramsingh I), and the Ahom Kingdom (led by Lachit Borphukan) on the bank of Brahmaputra river at Saraighat, now in Guwahati. Although  Ahom army was much weaker than also they defeated the Mughal army by brilliant uses of the terrain, clever diplomatic negotiations to buy time, guerrilla tactics, psychological warfare, military intelligence and by exploiting the sole weakness of the Mughal forces—its navy. The Battle of Saraighat was the last battle in the last major attempt by the Mughals to extend their empire in to Assam.